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Friday, February 6, 2009

SOS - An Appeal from Arjun's Owners for their missing friendly dog

Male, 10 years old, tan/brown colour, medium-size local breed, very friendly dog (does not bite). May still be wearing a blue collar with red MBPJ 2008 license & silver identification tag (with owner's address, phone numbers etc. engraved). Went missing on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 @ 2pm around Jalan SS1/11, 47300 Petaling Jaya. Spotted by residents in SS24, SS25 Taman Megah PJ & SS26 Taman Mayang PJ between January 13 - 24, 2009 walking into people's homes looking for help but was chased away every time unfortunately.

An Appeal from Arjun's Owners
"We have been regularly contacting MBPJ's vector control unit (the "dog catchers") who have been helpful and supportive. We also visit PAWS , SPCA Selangor, DBKL's Dog Pound @ Setapak, MPSJ's Dog Pound @ Puchong as regularly as possible (usually weekly) and we've appealed to staff at these locations to help us look out for Arjun in case he's brought in. I've posted up notices (& distributed flyers) at these locations as well.

We have alerted all the local vets which we know and posted up notices at animal clinics/hospitals in the KL/PJ area. We've put up notices in pet stores and places of worship in the PJ area (wherever they'll let us), as well as public places (bus stops, LRT stations, restaurants, convenience stores etc.). And when our notices get taken down, we do our best to put them back up.

But at this stage, what we really need is help & compassion & kindness from the general public towards all animals. Here's why...

After distributing thousands of notices and interviewing hundreds of people in various locations where Arjun was spotted, we've learnt that Arjun has walked up to houses (on Jalan SS1/32, Jalan SS2/3, Jalan SS26/9 etc.) looking for help, but residents/homeowners have chased him away upon noticing his collar, MBPJ license & ID tags because he was "somebody's dog". To date, no one bothered to look closer at Arjun's ID tag (which has our home address & 2 phone numbers engraved) because apparently "dogs bite" and our dog is "just a mongrel".

We've come across many kind people and fellow "animal lovers", but we're also truly disheartened as we find that a significant proportion of Petaling Jaya residents are apathetic towards the suffering and plight of urban animals. And we strongly feel that this needs to change, as we continue to invest our time and efforts into seeing a positive change.

We're determined to find Arjun because we know he somewhere out there (in Taman Megah, Taman Mayang, Kampung Cempaka, Taman SEA – an old dog fending for himself. I cannot in good conscience just forget about Arjun, as I learn that he is making an effort to survive and find his way home.

Please spread the word around to your family & friends that if ever an animal (or person) walks up to their doorstep in need of help, to please help it as much as possible. How often does a dog arrive at your doorstep looking for help? Once in a lifetime maybe (if evee? So, please be kind and compassionate to all animals (or people) in need of help because every good deed makes this world a better place.

With Hope & Love,

Please contact Ramin 012-2172721, Chan 012-2183698 or Teh 012-6121833 or e-mail if you find poor Arjun.

Photos, Video, Info & Updates @

& any useful information leading to our dog will be rewarded, thanks for your kind help!


reanaclaire said...

hey...coincidence...i also lose my doggie few days ago, we r so dogsick now...everyone misses him..whenever i think of him, my heart feels so empty.. i wish i know where he is .. just now we spent some time giving our pamplets near my area.. i hope we can find our doggies..

Lily Arbee said...

Hi! Sorry to hear that you have lost your doggie. If I could be of any help, just let me know, in case you like me to spread the news on my blog too. You need to post the doggie's recent photo or photos with some details to my e-mail address:

Hope you get back your doggie soon!

Cheers! Lily Arbee

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