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Monday, February 16, 2009

A point to ponder in our daily life

Love & Hugging

Hugging keeps you healthy. It evaporates stress, depression, and anger. It strengthens the immune system, leads to a better night's sleep, and rejuvenates and invigorates the spirit. It is one hundred percent organic. It's free, it's non-polluting, and it can be returned without a receipt.

Nora, the piano cat - Miracle can happen when there are true love around

"Nora" the piano cat was once living in one of the shelter homes in America. Lucky for her, she was taken to a good home for adoption by Artists and musicians Betsy Alexander and her husband Burnell Yow from Philadelphia in 2004. Otherwise, you will never know her fate, because some abandoned cats/kittens, dogs and puppies at all shelter homes are being put to sleep if nobody take to adopt them within certain period of time in order to make way for the new unfortunate abandoned animals. They give her so much love and attention. Imagine even a cat can play piano when she receives so much love and attention, see what I mean! In fact, Nora is also helping other cats from the shelter homes with the sale of her DVD and other products like mugs, etc. If you like to read more on Nora, the piano cat, visit my earliest posts. In order to get there, just scroll down to my Blog Archive and look for the year 2007.

Now Nora has her own website and myspace as follows:

If you like to know more about Nora the piano cat and see more actions, don't forget to click and surf the above urls, there are more stories about her accompanied with some interesting videos to watch. You see, cats are curious animals. They always like to participate and get involved with what others are doing. Sometimes, their curiousity endanger them. I am sure we have heard before a saying that associate with cat. "Curiousity kills the cat".


SlogBite said...

I totally agree about hugging.

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Thanks again and cheers!

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Sera Melinda said...

Hi Lily

Yeah i believe in hugs :)
I hug my hubby everyday :)

and about Nora, she's an incredible cat!

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Snow White

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