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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am not in a state of mind to post the usual posts

Please excuse me, I'm really not in a state of mind to post and publish the usual posts. All the time, day in day out, I'm hearing the violent and the killing of innocent people, how can I concentrate by putting on blind eyes and deaf ears seeing the injustice pretending that nothing happened and keep writing on other topics. Imagine, the children in Gaza are all the time in constant fear and they are in trauma and emotional shock. This is too much for me to take and swallow seeing the non-stop sufferings followed by the bloody murders of innocent people including young children and babies plus the daily struggle at Gaza hospital and how they cope with these life and death situation! My morning, my afternoon and my night are all with Gaza and the sufferings. To my knowledge the Israeli have already planned for this war before hand and it looks like this war is a farewell gift from President Bush to the Israelis.

In fact, I have so many photos taken lately planning to post many interesting posts accompanied by relevant images. It is on hold for the time being. The topics will be on the second resort my nephew has just opened and in operation in Rantau Abang, Terengganu, some recipes, my trip to Kuala Lumpur and visiting my former office Sidra Trading at Jalan Pinang, images of KLCC and the displays of the Christmas celebrations at the Mall, images and a short story of my former home in Datok Keramat where presently a huge bungalow stands built by the present owner, the visit to mum's grave, the visits to my two younger brothers' homes, one of them brought me to witness him & wife daily earning selling "Nasi Lemak" and other breakfast specialities, visiting the sick relatives and a very bad experience with two notorious international con-men & gangsters! All these will be told when I'll be alright, because now my mind is focusing on the Middle East crisis and wanting to know in great length and details of what is happening there on a daily basis. Perhaps I will be writing and giving more comments and remarks on this subject instead.

The Israelis and their supporters should not punish the Palestinian civilians, where are all the authorities and the great leaders? Please be serious and do something right and fast for the sake of humanity! The situation is out of control and there are more death and non-stop violent. This has to end immediately! It would take great courage and wisdom to stop end this conflict by some wise leaders.

Above are the two images of Chrismas decorations on display at the Mall in KLCC (Kuala Lumpur, The Twin Tower).

Gaza Hospital filled with civilian casualties.
Thanks to Maniac Israeli!

The chaotic situation at Gaza Hospital with the
arrival of casualties

Gaza holocaust

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