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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hello all,

I was just about to do my EC droppings and planning if I'm not that sleepy tonight to publish at least a post first. I have quite a number of posts to publish accompanying with some photo shots. My television is switched on CNN Channel because I always like to hear and watch the latest news worldwide. And you know what? Suddenly my mood changed with just a split of a second after seeing how the Palestines are being bombarded without mercy by Israel military soldiers slaughtering the Palestinians including babies like killing chickens. They are really on a killing spree! There were chaos everywhere, houses on fire being hit by missiles I guess! People running for their life accompanying by the sound of ambulances at the scene. These are real people like you and me and the scene are real scene, not movies. Sadly, the civilian become victims and suffer the most. I really cannot bear to see especially babies, young children, women and the elderly being severely injured and killed for nothing. It really make me sick to the stomach seeing all these ugly scenes and suffering! I am so sad and very angry, so please excuse me I need to take a deep breath and work things out later. I will be back for the droppings soon.


Gaza is still burning with the civilian badly injured & dying and many dead already, yet Israel keep going on a rampage destroying Gaza, looks like cold-blooded genocide to me and the world just stood still watching. So far they have killed more than 300 Palestinians the numbers are increasing with injured uncountable numbers of innocent people mostly women and children. They are trapped with not enough doctors, medicines, foods, petrol, electricity and other basic needs for their daily life. Can anybody do something?


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