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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Inspectors arrive at the scene, to assist with evacuation of animals

SELANGOR, 6 DEC 2008 – SPCA Selangor were on hand at the site of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide yesterday, responding to calls for help in rescuing and evacuating pets. The first calls came in at 900 a.m., and four SPCA Animal Inspectors were immediately dispatched to assist pet-owners who needed to evacuate their homes immediately.

Inspectors in the process of evacuating 51 cats to a nearby vet. The SPCA team assisted one resident to confine and transport her 51 cats to a nearby vet in Taman Melawati - one cat had escaped before the team arrived. They also rescued an adult male Labrador, who was left unattended in a house several doors down from the affected area. The inspectors lodged a police report regarding the removal of the dog at the Hulu Kelang Police Station. “We are appealing to the owner of this dog to come forward to reclaim him as soon as possible,” says Senior Inspector Cunera Kimlon. Another two cats were rescued, one returned to it’s owner and the other left in the care of a helpful neighbour. The emergency rescue team consisted of SPCA Animal Inspectors Cunera Kimlon, Kenny Thean, V. Murugan, visiting ex-RSPCA Inspector Glyn Roberts, and experienced animal rescuers Joanne and Leigh. Searching for a cat gone missing, for a house nearby. SPCA urges members of the public to alert them immediately if they require assistance in evacuating their pets in the next few days, or if they come across any animals left behind in empty properties or found straying. “We will be setting up a cat refuge on site, where emergency workers can safely confine stray or injured animals that they have come across,” says Inspectorate consultant Glyn Roberts. “We urge pet owners to take their pets with them when they evacuate their homes. It is a distressing and traumatic time for all, don’t leave these helpless animals behind to fend for themselves,” he continues. Friends of the SPCA Committee also sponsored an excavator and 9 lorries to assist with the search and rescue efforts for survivors at the affected houses in the morning, and also sent in a lorry to distribute water at the area yesterday evening. This dog was left in a house unattended. The SPCA Animal Inspectors will be at the site today, handing out flyers and setting up a temporary refuge for abandoned and lost pets.

Please call 016-9661810, 017-3805945, 017-3601097 or 016-9550578 for animal-related emergencies in the affected areas. If you are interested in assisting the SPCA in fostering some of these animals, please call Ms Chelvy at 42565312 or 42535179 to register as an SPCA Foster.

For more information, please contact SPCA PR Officer Jacinta Johnson at 012-2881421

I've contacted Ms Jacinta Johnson (PR Officer of SPCA) this afternoon requesting her to e-mail me some images so that I can post to my blog in relation to the top story.

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