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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Signboard/Banner of Lil's Corner

Latest Development:
So I am daring enough to put a Signboard/Banner up the roof of my front porch to introduce my little business after I have registered for a company. As mentioned in my earlier post, the price of cat food has gone up and has increased tremendously and for that reason, I have the idea of promoting it to my community/areas and become a dealer in order to get a good discount to feed all my cats including some rescued cats. Now I have altogether 33 in number, 7 growing up kittens and the rest are all adult cats, mine are all spayed/neutered in Kuala Lumpur before I shifted here. Sad to say, there are now 7 adult cats and 7 growing up kittens due to be spayed and neutered - these rescued cats & kittens are rescued in Marang within my household compound. Again those irresponsible people simply took a short cut and easy way out by throwing their unwanted pets to me and I must say here that I will never ever forgive all these idiots, mind my language! I do not intend to take in more, in fact, recently I have managed to get a good home for a rescued kitten. I hope to get more good people to take some of these abandoned rescued cats/kittens which I have rescued. So now I have to separate the two young male rescued cats from all female rescued cats to avoid breeding and multiplication.

I still have to start my little business in order to survive. I've designed and printed my own Name card and passed around. I have no choice but to stick to "Royal Canin" since all my cats prefer it. Maybe one day I might even try to promote "IAMS" and other brand as well. So far I have four customers buying Royal Canin from me, but they are only buying in loose form of 1 kg since they do not own many cats. News will travel and spread around in a matter of time, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope for more customers to come soon. Therefore, I will take the opportunity to introduce some of my rescued cats to all of these customers just in case if they or their friends like to bring home with them and continue taking good care of these rescued cats/growing up kittens to help me ease my burden.

Second item inserted on the banner is "Instant Roti Canai", it is a kind of bread familiar in this side of the world. Normally in "Angullia Beach House Resort" most of the "Mat Salleh" Europeans and people from the West like to order them for breakfast and sometimes even at odd hours. At the moment, I only receive orders from the Beach House Resort for the supply of Instant Roti Canai as and when needed. There at the Beach House, they will keep some supplies in the main kitchen and the remaining at their Beach Cafe'. I must remind you that the Beach House has a nice Beach Cafe' which is situated near the sea overlooking the beautiful and inviting blue ocean of the South-china sea. Here, you can find nice sandy beaches with palm trees swaying along gently with the wind in harmony and accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the waves making nature's music.

These Instant Roti Canai are made using wheat flour, ghee, a pinch of saffron powder for colouring and a pinch of salt. It is then turned into a dough by adding some water. The next step is to take just a small portion of the dough slightly bigger the size of a golf ball and start rolling it onto the rolling board, add a tablespoon of ghee which is already melted and mixed with cooking oil on the top of it and let it rest for a while. After about 20 minutes or so, when it is settled and ready for the pulling process, it is pulled into either a round shape or square, I normally make it into the square shape. Then one by one I will heat it up into a frying pan hardly a few minutes and then when they are cooled off, I will start packing, seal them and then keep them in the freezer. There are four pieces in one packet which cost RM 3.00 per packet. For orders of 100 pieces and more it will cost RM 2.80 per packet. It is good eaten with Dal curry, but some people prefer it to be served with chicken or beef curry.

The third item displayed on the banner is "Tuition in English Language". Unfortunately for the students here in the east-coast, most of them are very weak in this language both spoken and written because most of the subjects in school are taught in the local language. Moreover, here in the east-coast, majority of the people are Malay not like in big town or cities where there many different races like the Chinese, Indian, etc are found. So, it is an advantage for me to take the opportunity to teach this language mostly to young students during weekend. So far, I have about a dozen of them and planning to have more students in the near future. I teach them based on good English Guide Books, teaching them from the very basic. I stress mostly on grammar, pronunciation, reading, spelling and building up vocabulary. I have to train them to make simple conversation among themselves. Since they are quite weak in the language, they are normally very shy, but with patience and persistence, I think I managed to push them into trying to make them speak English starting with very simple sentences. So far, they all enjoy and eager to learn. Next week I will try to take some snap shots of them to display here in my blog.

Besides all these, I have just bought myself a canopy and placed it right in front of my house. I intend to sell breakfast cuisine with a special kind of drink. I plan to promote "Nasi Lemak", "Fried Roti Canai with Dal Curry" followed by very famous special drink, the "Tea-tarik" in the morning hours for at least two to three hours from 7.30 a.m. I think this is good because I do not have to spend most of the time indulging myself at the stall. By doing this it will be another introduction promoting my Instant Roti Canai. At least after spending just for 2 - 3 hrs I will be free to concentrate on other things, like feeding the cats at the shelter etc., doing my normal daily house chores and then when all is done I can even switch on my PC for my daily visit. Now we are having the monsoon season here in Terengganu, so off and on it will be raining and sometimes even windy. I will only be doing this small business seriously by next year after the monsoon is over and when all schools re-open after a long holiday. So in the meantime, when I feel like making the breakfast cuisine, I will telephone all my students and the people nearby. Preparation will only be done based on the to avoid wastage of food. I will get their orders first and then I can estimate roughly what to be done. By the way, it' is 'a 100% Home-made quality food", therefore, it is definitely clean and taste good just like serving my own family.

Last Saturday I have started making/promoting my "Nasi Lemak" to all my students. They all like it and will pass words around. Surprisingly, just a moment ago (Monday 17th Nov 08) one of my students dropped by asking me for three packets of "Nasi Lemak" because she had tasted it last Saturday and like it. Look like tonight I have to prepare the "Sambal Tumis" the thick and rich "sambal paste" with "Ikan Bilis" and then I will cook the "Nasi Lemak" (Rice with coconut milk, pandan leave, a little ginger, a stalk of lemon grass and a pinch of salt) early tomorrow morning. I do enjoy doing all these because I like cooking. I would not be doing it everyday, so I think it is good to organize myself with a weekly planner. Let's see how it goes!

Photo snaps on top:
1. Picture of the blue canopy to start my Nasi Lemak's & Roti Canai's stall.
2. Pic. of the supplies of the top quality cat food "RoyalCanin"of 15 kg per bag pile up for storage.
3. Two delivery men from Kuala Lumpur posing in front of Royal Canin's delivery van.
4. Pic. of the Signboard/banner of Lil's Corner being displayed at top roof of my front porch.
5. Pic. of the Signboard/banner of Lil's Corner being displayed at the top roof of my front porch. (different angle).

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