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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Obama - The first African American elected as president

Congratulations America for the victory of Senator Barack Obama as the new president. I join all Americans their joys and happiness for this great victory. This new energy will heal America and will turn the nation into a much better place with peace, hope, prosperity and opportunities to reclaim all American dreams.

I like to quote here a very inspiring line conveyed by the Honourable Senator Elect-President Obama during his recent speech to American. He said "Yes we can, America can change!" For this I hope there will be good changes in America and this good energy will soon spread to the entire world. Let's all pray that this will happen and it will free us all from the bad omen.

My personal comments:
America is very lucky to have Senator Obama as a new president and as a world leader, especially during this chaotic period with all the major complicated problems around the world and he is definitely a perfect person for the post. He is magical and a miracle to the world. I have been observing and listening to most of his speeches very closely and repeatedly in videos and TV programme (CNN/BBC/Aljazeera) and I must say that I never get tired of it! In fact, I find him so inspiring, incredibly wonderful, full of energy and confident, very smart and intelligent with great common sense, cool, non-violent, so liberal, very gracious, so extraordinary and with full of visions, very witty and with good sense of humour and many more good qualities which America and the world need in a leader. Most people globally from all walk of lives with different background and religions favour and admire him very much. He is full of charisma and very charming. He demonstrates great hope and encouragement to the people around the world. He is the type of person who is so determined and wanting to do something right for America. People who once disliked America with the previous policy suddenly change their minds and favour him instantly. Now the whole world is focusing on him and America. I believe he will be one of the greatest presidents America have ever had. He really rocks the world!

I am a Malaysian, but believe it or not, I am having what I called "The Obama Fever", always looking forward so much to listen to his speeches. His speeches are so powerful, genuine, encouraging and very motivated and I truly love this man like a fan to a rock star. I think he has the ability to unite his people and for this reason, I pray that one day he can even unite the world with goodwill.

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