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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is the image of an escape route created by some of my rebellious cats, I believe through their daily efforts have succeeded in making such a passage in order to escape from their Shelter. I do really have no choice but to keep all of them inside the Shelter especially at night. Moreover, how can I let loose so many cats without monitoring them, it will make my house look like a war zone. I am quite a particular and neat person, even though I love all these cats, I am quite organized and clean, I do not simply let loose all the cats at one time letting them all over my house. So it is really hard work, everyday I have to spend two to three hours with the cats, feeding, cleaning and mopping their shelter etc! The blame is on those owners who couldn't care less about their cats multiplying giving birth to more kittens and then simply take an easy way out abandoning these unwanted cats/kittens just about anywhere they like putting their burden on others instead. All just simply because they do not want to spay and neuter their cats!

See what happened to two of my innocent loving cats, Shasha and Scarlet, just because I trusted them so much leaving them to play and sleep at my porch outside the whole night through, they met with a very bad accident at the main road opposite my house. I cannot take anymore chances to let the same incident happen to the rest of the cats! I will not let them loose without monitoring them except for my three cats, Spicy, Nina Coco and White Tiger. They are experts and always playing or taking a nap within my compound at my front porch and later on they will enter my house through my front window and sleep at my living room in front. I will always keep the front window open the whole night through so that it would be easier for them to come in and go out and if they feel they ought to ease themselves - pooping etc. during the night there is always an open outlet/passage for them.

Back to the Shelter - At the moment I have 5 kittens (all female), 6 young cats (5 female and 1 male) and 2 adult female cats yet to be spayed/neutered and all these are rescued cats/kittens from Terengganu abandoned by those irresponsible selfish idiots! I have to separate the rescued young male cat from all the female cats and kittens very soon. Altogether I have 13 cats from Terengganu and remaining 19 cats from Kuala Lumpur, so I cannot afford to leave all of them roaming around freely just about any time they please. Lucky for me I have two big and three medium cages in the Shelter, so while waiting for the escape passage to be mended, I locked them up in all these cages. I was quite fed up for a while as it was so hard to get a carpenter/workman here to mend it. It took more than two weeks just to get the miserable hole mended. At one stage, I mended it myself but it still needed to be done properly. So I bought some woods for the frames, a roll of thick netting, some nails, a saw, a hammer etc and I already have my own ladder. Lucky for me, I managed to get someone to mend it at last! The whole area are now covered but I have a feeling that it is still not so secured for a long term. I plan to purchase a more secured item/product to cover the rest of the area soon.

I still miss Kitty Litty, Scarlet and Shasha very much. All three of them left me this year, Kitty Litty died of sickness and Scarlet and Shasha died in a very bad accident. May they R.I.P. How I wish I could change back time to safe these loving pets of mine. I miss them very dearly and feel very sad when I think of how they have met their death especially Shasha and Scarlet. It was very tragic.

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