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Friday, June 27, 2008

Website for Cyber Animal Abuse & Crimes in America

Please visit this website:
then click "Home" in case you cannot find the subject you are looking for - to a page where you can make the complaint for Cyber Animal Crimes (It is an Internet Crime Complaint Centre - FBI - NW3C Partnership). The title reads : Reporting Internet Animal Abuse. It is a direct site to make report(s) on Cyber Crimes on Animal & Animal Abuse in America.
I discovered the above site links after going to the website below and to other search and links of: and would like to alert all animal lovers in America in case they are not aware of the existence of this helpful site to safe the animals from cruelty while making videos or films. Recently, while I was searching for some good educational videos on Animal Cruelty to post to my blog to keep reminding people on this subject "Animal Cruelty", I was so surprise to find that there are sick and crazy human beings filming a group of hungry tigers preying on a cow provided by them. I remember seeing a cow which was let loose from a van for all these hungry tigers to have a great feast and I can hear background of the laughters of those insane barbarian filming it. I think they find it entertaining and amusing! To us all, we will not bear or tolerate with such cruelty. I should have taken down the title of the video but at that time I did not know the existence of such site. I was so shocked and angry; therefore, I did not continue seeing the video because it was really heartbreaking and too painful for me to continue watching the ugly scene. I just cannot believe my eyes and imagine how they could do such horrible inhuman act to make video(s) for a living. I really hope and pray that those who practise this kind of cruelty be punished severely by law sooner or later so that justice is done.
Those cruel people should be shot on a firing squad!

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