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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I think we all should know this by now ....

We, human, seems to forget and ignore another big problem facing us today with the overpopulated of unwanted domestic animals/pets around the world. Why can't everybody play a role, to begin with by donating just a small amount to the Shelter Homes or just adopt 1 or 2 animals from the shelter. We should all join hands to stop the problem with better ideas shared globally. People should be educated and reminded through TV and Mass-media etc. I think it is high time the government should do something too, please go collect all the abandoned and hungry animals, put them in safe places, take care of their welfare and spay/neuter them. A new law should be imposed to all pet owners everywhere around the world to be more responsible to spay/neuter all their pets rather than taking a short cut by abandoning the unwanted offspring's instead. The mission to stop multiplying unwanted kittens and dogs will NOT end unless the owners are responsible to take care of them and the government come into the picture to act. I feel that most people couldn't care less. I really don't understand how some people can just ignore seeing hungry and suffering animals homeless and searching for food just about anywhere! Young children at schools should be taught and exposed on this topic, so that future generation be more aware of the problem and will one day contribute and play a role for the animal welfare and by then we might achieve our mission. How can people just let them multiplying, then abandon them or just leave them in Shelter Homes and then later on these poor animals will have a life sentence for not committing any crime. There at Sheller Homes they will be put down/killed just to make way for next abandoned animals. These events (the killing process) are being repeating every second, every minutes of the day! These animals are helpless, only we human can solve the problem. I do not like to go further to mention how cruel these animals were being treated in China recently. They were collected, put in small cages and killed without mercy for the sake of the coming Olympic, to clean up the town it seems!.

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