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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Abandoned Pets

It's sad when most people just ignore the poor helpless, hungry and homeless animals roaming around searching for food just about anywhere. Some were once owned by people as pets. The fault lies on those who did not spay and neuter their pets and when they cannot cope with the situation, they just take an easy way out abandoning their pets anywhere they please conveniently. This group of selfish people can afford to laugh, eat and sleep peacefully every night with no conscious. I hope situation will soon changed if the authorities step forward to do something right to stop animal cruelty in every parts of the world including our Malaysian Government in my country. How could they not help when cruelty is involved, they have all the POWER and the ABILITY to do it right!

Photo attached is of one of my rescued cats, I name him "White Tiger" because he looks like one. When I found him, he was quite skinny and his tail was badly injured. I found him at Casa Ria Apartment, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, Cheras. Now he is in good shape and a happy cat. Strange enough, when people see him in good shape and healthy now, then only they want to adopt him. I will not part with him because even though he looks very big and strong now, he is quite timid. In fact, the purpose of rescuing these abandoned kittens/cats is to help them out of danger and take good care of them until I find them good homes.

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