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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Welcome Home

Hi! Greetings from Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia. My main purpose for creating this blog is to be the voices of all the innocent ill-treated and abused animals around the world and I am trying my best to make people realize and be aware of the reality of their sufferings.

This blog is also about me and my rescued cats and how I go through life, also about my struggle to do what I can for these unfortunate animals. Sometimes I like to write and ponder about other topics and follow up closely with the latest important events and international news to be up to date with the world.Please do not compare me with professional writers, firstly, I am not even a writer, I am just an ordinary person without any writing skills but with good intention in mind to help speak up for all these unfortunate abandoned, suffering, ill-treated and abused animals.Day by day, I am trying hard to learn how to write well and to improve myself with the writing skill, thanks to all the professional bloggers, so far, so good! You will never know that one fine day, since I have made a promise to myself, for that will be the day when I wake up to unfold the unpleasant tales of my past and in doing so hoping to achieve a total peace of mind and will be able to forget and erase completely all the bad feelings out of my system once and for all. I have been trying so hard to forget most of my unpleasant past, but failed. It is never too late to heal and feel good completely without all these bad memories! When I feel I am really good and ready for it, then perhaps, I will create another blog to write about some of my bad experiences that I have encountered as this need to be told as a lesson of life! One good advise here though, a good lesson I've learnt, never take anybody for granted no matter how good they portray themselves to be, as one day sooner or later you will find out and only realized when it is already too late after they have destroyed and ruined your life!

Since I enjoy listening to good music and songs, I attach and include some of my favourite music videos. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog and do drop by again for the latest news.

Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...


Alluring Interiors said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and showing some love! Lady Java rocks...Big Time! I find the people of Malaysia so kind! I am hoping that when you stop by, you are always enjoying what I have to say...If you have any suggestions for a newbie, let me know! You blog is also fabulous! Have an awesome day...or night! :)

Lil said...

Hi! You are most welcome!
Sorry for the late reply, I did not get the e-mail notifying me on your comments to come visit this section. Today, when I was checking on something, I found your comments. I normally like to reply all comments receive.

Have a great day, cheers.

Come visit me whenever you're free and I will do the same.

Bye for the time being .... :) ;) :*

Lil said...

correction: all comments received.

Nortehanon said...

Hello there,
Thank you for peeking at my blog. I admire you for being an advocate for animal rights. I am, too. I have a dog who's adorable and I can't imagine other animals being abused.

Good luck.

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Steph said...


Thank you so much for following my story! It certainly means a lot, and helps a lot to know someone is reading it :)

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